Louisiana Education Headlines

Special ed revamp sparks debate

Gov. Bobby Jindal has signed a bill that backers say will offer special education students a vital new route to a high school diploma. “It is a good thing that we are providing this pathway, and it is not a… Read More

Jindal administration is clueless on Common Core: Editorial

As Gov. Bobby Jindal and his administration flail about for a way to stop Common Core testing, Louisiana families and schools are being thrown into chaos. The Jindal administration suspended the Department of Education's standardized testing contract last week in… Read More

Jindal vs. White: Separating fact from fiction on Common Core

For the better part of a year, Gov. Bobby Jindal has pushed to either revamp or repeal Louisiana’s involvement with the Common Core State Standards. The effort, launched in 2009, by the National Governors Association as well as the Council… Read More

Louisiana Spotlight: Jindal limited in Common Core push

Gov. Bobby Jindal wants Louisiana out of the Common Core education standards. There’s just one problem: His executive power has legal limits, and he can’t unilaterally yank the state out of Common Core. So his administration is finding ways to… Read More

Louisiana business association releases pro-Common Core video

The Louisiana Association of Business and Industry released a pro-Common Core video Thursday, the day after Gov. Bobby Jindal announced plans to scrap the academic standards in the state. "The timing, of course, couldn't have been any better," said Brigitte Nieland, who… Read More


BATON ROUGE, La. – The state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education (BESE) and the Louisiana Department of Education today reaffirmed that the state will implement the Common Core State Standards, as well as grade 3-8 test forms and questions… Read More

Louisiana should stay the course on Common Core: Editorial

Gov. Bobby Jindal went against the wishes of the Legislature, the state education superintendent, the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, dozens of business and civic groups and common sense this week. With essentially no one backing him, he announced… Read More

Jindal orders Louisiana out of Common Core

Igniting new controversy, Gov. Bobby Jindal said Wednesday he is ordering Louisiana out of the Common Core tests as part of a series of moves to drop the new academic standards after the Legislature refused to do so. “We need… Read More

Superintendent’s future with district set for discussion Thursday

The East Baton Rouge Parish School Board plans to determine Superintendent Bernard Taylor’s future with the district during its Thursday meeting. Taylor, who started in 2012, has almost completed two years of a three-year contract, which expires in June 2015.… Read More

Teacher union says schools ill-prepared for Common Core tests

Most teachers who responded to a survey by the Louisiana Federation of Teachers say their schools lack the computers and other equipment needed for students to take the Common Core tests, the group said Thursday. Teachers also reported that their… Read More


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