Louisiana Education Headlines

Preschool funding is again key point in discussion of statewide preschool changes

Calls for more preschool funding dominated the conversation Monday as Education Superintendent John White trekked to New Orleans to share his vision for the restructuring the state's child care system. Preschool providers and educators questioned how such changes would be financed… Read More

Louisiana’s preschools will get $540,000 in private grant money over three years

Over the next three years, more than a half-million dollars will help educate about 2,500 preschoolers in seven Louisiana parishes, the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities announced Monday. That cash will benefit the organization's PRIME TIME Preschool program. The program… Read More

La. public school teacher retirements remain up

BATON ROUGE – Newly released statistics find the spike in public school retirements eased somewhat, but the numbers are still higher than prior to passage of Gov. Bobby Jindal's education revamp. The number of kindergarten through 12th-grade employees in the… Read More

New teachers switch careers to try hand at education

The new school year is in full swing, and it's not just students who are getting in the groove. So are a handful of brand-new teachers throughout the Bossier school system who decided to abandon their old careers in order… Read More

State education superintendent to discuss pre-school plan in Baton Rouge, New Orleans meetings

State Education Superintendent John White plans to discuss early childhood education during public meetings in Baton Rouge and New Orleans, according to the early childhood advocacy group Policy Institute for Children. On Sept. 15 and 22, he'll present his vision for… Read More

New year means longer grading periods in Monroe schools

Monroe City Schools' new nine-week grading policy for elementary schools has some school officials worried that parents may be caught by surprise when grades come out on Oct 23. Elementary schools in Monroe City will join junior high schools and… Read More

Partners in Education work to build betters schools in Lake Area

The Partners in Education program has played a vital role in Calcasieu Parish schools for years by directly involving local businesses and industries in schools. Partners donate funds and supplies, sponsor events and visit schools to help enhance students’ quality… Read More

Partnership to offer more pre-K classes

Public schools in Rapides will see about 270 more pre-K students this year thanks to a partnership to share facilities and some staff with the local Head Start program. Six public schools in the parish will provide classrooms for Head… Read More

See how much money Louisiana spends on public schools, parish by parish

The chief source of funding for Louisiana's public schools is a complicated formula of state and local tax revenue, called the Minimum Foundation Program. The $3.5 billion program is meant to ensure that schools with similar populations get similar amounts… Read More

Louisiana’s public-education budget ranks near the median nationally

Even during its six-year funding freeze, Louisiana's state education financing ranked near the middle when compared to other states. In 2012, Louisiana ranked 30th -- with an average of $5,392 per student -- among 50 states in state funding for… Read More


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